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Screenwriters have turned to true stories to give their projects a dramatic and inspirational edge. True stories are often as dramatic, unbelievable and funny as fictional ones, with an alluring “based on a true story” quality. If you’re a movie fan, you might want to watch one of these films. These movies are guaranteed to leave you with a good feeling about real life. Listed below are a few of the best movies based on true stories.


Is Hustlers based on a true story? The movie Hustlers follows the true story of four New York City men who became ‘hustlers’ during the 2008 recession. Roselyn Keo, the mother of one of the victims, told The Cut in 2015 how she got into the business. She described her clients as ultra-wealthy women who wanted sexual favors from her. The movie makes a lot of changes from the real story but still maintains the authenticity of the true story.

While “Hustlers” is based on a true story, it does a great job of staying fairly faithful to the original incident. For instance, the film changes the names of the actual women involved in the scandal. Jennifer Lopez stars as Ramona, the ringleader, while Constance Wu plays the dancer Destiny. The character of Destiny is based on Roselyn “Rosie” Keo. Other actors, like Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, and Karina Pascucci, play the other women.

Buffalo Bill

One of the most famous explorers in the American West was William Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill. Cody was an excellent hunter and was able to kill thousands of buffalo in one day. He also teamed up with dime-store novelists and stage producers to create plays about his exploits. As Buffalo Bill Cody travelled from coast to coast, he also guided the wealthy men on their western adventures.

Hidalgo’s film research team wanted to give viewers an accurate representation of Buffalo Bill and the Wild West. To make the movie as authentic as possible, they requested information on the layout of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show and the construction of his stands. They also asked about segregation in the Wild West. Mary and Lynn were happy to provide all this information to the filmmakers, and the Buffalo Bill Museum was eagerly awaiting the finished movie.

Silence of the Lambs

“Silence of the Lambs” is based on true events, but it uses several clever plot devices. First, the movie shows two scenes at once, forcing the audience to assume certain things. The suspense and thrill of the story is high, and the filmmakers are unable to allow the story to become predictable, so they use misdirection. The movie keeps viewers guessing until the end, but still allows them to fall into a false sense of security.

The Silence of the Lambs is often considered one of the greatest movies ever made. It has won several awards, including the Best Picture Oscar, and was one of three horror movies to win a “grand slam” of four Oscars in a row. The story is based on a true story and was inspired by the book written by a former cop who knew the three killers.

Good Night and Good Luck

Among the many true stories adapted for films, one that has earned praise and critical acclaim is the story of Edward R. Murrow, a CBS newsman who challenged anti-Communist Senator Joseph McCarthy. Murrow, a member of the CBS news team, was the first journalist to call McCarthy’s actions on television unacceptable. As a result, the movie has gained a reputation as one of the best true story movies of all time.

The plot of Good Night and the Greatest Showman is a classic example of a historical event, and the movie is no different. It is a dramatic account of the real-life conflict between Senator Joseph McCarthy and the newscaster Edward R. Murrow. The film also features many of the true stories that led up to McCarthy’s infamous “witch-hunt” of the journalists who were accused of communist sympathies.

My Friend Dahmer

The My Friend Dahmer movies based in true stories are a great way to learn more about the murderer who became famous for his murders. Jeffrey Dahmer was a quiet and shy high school student, but he developed into a feared serial killer after being accused of numerous murders. The film tells his story, and it’s a gripping tale of courage and determination.

The film stars Ross Lynch as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. The film uses a fragmented body to connect Dahmer’s obsession with objectification and sexualisation. As a result, it’s an intensely moving movie and one that evokes a powerful response from viewers. However, it does not deal with the sexuality and gender identity of Dahmer in a realistic manner.

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