Movies to Watch While High

Movies to Watch While High

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned movie buff or just a newbie, there’s a movie out there for you! Here are a few of our suggestions: Dazed and Confused, Hardcore Henry, Pineapple Express, and Inherent Vice. What’s your favorite movie to watch while high? Let us know in the comments section! We love to share our favorite films! Let’s get started!

Dazed and Confused

If you’re wondering what movies to watch while high, consider “Dazed and Confused.” It’s a coming-of-age comedy with a bunch of now big name actors. The film centers around a group of high school students on their last day of school. While it does contain scenes of drug use, the film is not intended for stoners. It’s just a fun high-school movie with some marijuana-related content.

The witty dialogue is the best part of this film, and the naughty language will make you laugh. The satire and sarcasm are great, and you’ll love the cast of Jason London, Milla Jovovich, and Ben Affleck. You’ll also laugh a lot watching this film. There’s no denying that it’s funny, but it might not be suitable for everyone.

The plot isn’t terribly deep, but the mystery is worth the trip. There are a number of reasons why people should watch this film while high. For one, it’s fun to see Naomi Watts play an archetypal sleuth. The movie’s three main characters – a Hollywood-hopeful and a director dealing with mobsters – are remarkably relatable. Moreover, watching this movie while high will help you make sense of everything that happens.

Another movie that’s worth watching while high is “Hardcore Henry.” This comedy features an 80s rock band and is shot from first-person perspective. It’s a stoner’s dream, and if you’re high enough, you’ll be a better judge of what movies are suited for you than anyone else! These stoner movies are both incredibly entertaining and great for getting high!

Hardcore Henry

The first Hardcore Henry movie to watch while high is the grotesquely violent action flick, “Hardcore Henry.” Directed and featuring first-person POV camera work, Hardcore shows us an unrelenting assault on our senses. While the film is amazingly well-made, it is mindless and violent. The film’s climactic fight sequence is tasteless and utterly unnerving.

Hardcore Henry isn’t based on a real video game. But it draws its inspiration from video games. Its protagonist, Henry, meets colorful characters and gets weapons, tech upgrades, and supporting fire. As a result, there’s no subtext, making Hardcore Henry movies to watch while high an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t like action movies. If you are unsure about whether or not Hardcore Henry is right for you, read on for some great ideas!

It’s hard to say whether this movie is right for you, but it is definitely worth a viewing. While it’s a little edgy and unnerving, it’s definitely a movie you can enjoy while high. Unlike some other movies, Hardcore Henry is a non-stop action film that never slows down – even when Henry’s heart-battery is running low.

The movie starts with the titular protagonist waking up in a Moscow research facility with no memory of his previous life. After seeing Estelle being abducted by mercenaries, he goes on a frantic search for her. But this quest is not without its challenges – Henry faces every weapon imaginable and ends up in a city full of baddies and crazed individuals. And with all this violence, it’s easy to understand why the title is so appealing to a psychedelic audience.

Pineapple Express

If you want to have a fun movie experience while stoned, you should check out Pineapple Express. Starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, this comedy follows a stoner-themed process server and his toke-addled friend. They are both stoners and witness a murder on their break, and their adventures lead them to try out new highs. A great way to watch a movie while stoned is to download it from the internet and watch it when you’re high!

There are several popular movies that are appropriate to watch while high, and many of them have a cannabis-themed theme. Some of these movies include Up in Smoke, Harold & Kumar go to white castle, and Pineapple Express. Another popular movie that has become a weed culture classic is Half Baked, which stars Dave Chapelle and is about three stoners who steal stolen pot and sell it to a group of friends.

Another movie that’s fun to watch while high is Lost Highway. The movie stars Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey. It’s a satirical comedy with many twists and plot devices. Watch it while high and try to decipher all the nuances and meanings that are hidden within it. You’ll probably end up laughing hysterically as you watch this movie. And if you’re high on a substance like marijuana, don’t be afraid to watch some scary movies.

Inherent Vice

If you’ve ever wondered which Inherent Vice movies to watch while high, look no further than the director’s debut. While this is a long, convoluted movie, it’s an ideal late night flick. Also, “Spinal Tap,” the satire of eighties metal bands directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, has a high zaniness quotient. Aside from the clever, zany dialogue, the film’s cinematography is also a highlight.

Inherent Vice stars Owen Wilson as a lost youth in a stoner’s Californian dream. As the center of a 20-strong stoner congress, he reaches for a slice of pizza. This is the stoners’ Last Supper, and it’s the equivalent of a Pope Smokes Dope T-shirt. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get a high.

“Pineapple Express” cemented Seth Rogen’s image as a stoner. The film follows Dale, a low-level process server, as he spends his days smoking weed and driving around. He also witnesses a murder and is a witness to it. The plot centers on his attempts to escape and features Danny McBride’s hilarious encounters. The movie is entertaining and easy to follow.

Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse

If you love comic books and movies, you should definitely watch Spider-Man: Into the Spid-Verse. It is a 2 hour love letter to comic books with a gorgeous visual style. The movie also deals with themes of fan-boy theatrics and fatherhood. It’s definitely a movie you should see if you like superhero movies and have a high tolerance for the occasional PG-13 rating.

If you’re looking for a movie to watch while high, the best thing to do is to choose a comic-book adaptation. The first one, “Spider-Man” (1996), had a slew of great comic-book adaptations. The sequel, “Into the Spider-Verse,” introduced a brand new storyline to the super hero genre. The comics were based on comics, so the movie’s characters were able to comment on recurring themes and foundational elements.

Spider-Man: Into the Spidey-verse is an animated movie that introduces an alternate universe with multiple Spider-People. Miles Morales is a young biracial kid growing up in Brooklyn. This movie features a surprisingly diverse cast and an excellent soundtrack. And even if you’re not into superhero movies, this movie is worth a watch.

While you’re watching Spider-Man: Into the Spid-Verse, you should also take in the story’s message about modern day life. Many of the movies today fail to reflect the Modern Age. Miles records Spider-Man’s fight against the Prowler using his phone’s flashlight. It’s a great way to embrace the Digital Age, but be warned: it’s also a lot of fun!

Before the Flood

Before the Flood is a climate documentary about the effects of global warming. It aims to change public opinion about the effects of climate change, and features a former astronaut who discusses the earth’s environment while in space. If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s definitely worth your time. Before the Flood isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly a movie you should watch while high.

If you’re looking for inspiring and thought-provoking films to watch while high, there’s no better place to start than this compelling documentary. You’ll be moved by the incredible visuals in this inspiring film. Whether or not you believe in a biblical flood, you’ll be inspired by the message of Before the Flood. It’s a great choice for a movie night – or any night!

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