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Are you looking for a list of the top 100 movies? If so, this list is sure to have a film you love. If not, there are several great recommendations in this article: The Shawshank Redemption, The Magnificent Seven, and Pulp Fiction. If you can’t decide on just one, there are dozens of others you must see. These movies are the best in their genre, and each one is a masterpiece in its own right.

The Magnificent Seven

If you are a fan of action films, The Magnificent Seven is a must-see. This 1960 film stars Yul Brynner, Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Brad Dexter, and Robert Vaughn, among others. The cast is diverse and the sequences are legendary. Some of the more memorable sequences are the ones with Brunner and McQueen driving a hearse up a cemetery hill, Robert Vaughn catching flies, Coburn’s duel with Coburn, and Charles Bronson teaching responsibility to his fellow bandits. All of these scenes are filled with deaths and a climax that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Although The Magnificent Seven isn’t a perfect movie, it still holds its own against its predecessors. This white-knuckle action flick features an ensemble cast and two superbly choreographed gunfights. The Magnificent Seven is also notable for its musical score by Elmer Bernstein, which set the standard for western film music. The Magnificent Seven is so influential that it clearly influenced other films by Sam Peckinpah.

While many people have a hard time separating the good from the bad in “The Magnificent Seven,” it’s worth taking the time to see it anyway. The film’s plot is fairly standard, but the cast of these seven men is so varied, they’re worth watching over. It’s worth watching even if you have never seen a Kurosawa film. You’ll be glad you did!

In addition to Steve McQueen, the cast is equally impressive. The cast also includes Charles Bronson, James Coburn, and Robert Vaughn. While the 1960 version was a hit with critics, the remake had less success. Ultimately, the film’s cast and director have made it a classic. If you’re a film fan, “The Magnificent Seven” is a must-watch.

Pulp Fiction

While you may be tempted to skip this classic, you’ll want to spend a little time watching it, because there are so many high points and low points throughout the film. First, there’s the lengthy monologue that has Christopher Walken’s character spouting pages upon pages of exposition. Then, there’s the long sequence at Jack Rabbit Slim’s that plays out like a real-time date, with a funny dance number.

Next, you should consider how much of the film your children will be able to handle. While there are several drugs-related references in this movie, many kids are likely to tune them out. Thankfully, the violence and language aren’t too bad, and the rape scene is easy to skip. And as long as they understand that their character is dying due to his own foolishness, Pulp Fiction will be a worthwhile watch.

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but the film is a masterpiece of film-making. It’s wildly inventive, entertaining, and unforgettable. The cast is supremely talented, and Quentin Tarantino directed it like a child doing his first big job. It’s now recognized as one of the greatest movies of all time, and it’s no wonder that it’s one of the movies you must watch.

Another film you must watch is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The director Quentin Tarantino and screenwriter Robert Rodriguez have a long-standing friendship. Both are fans of the western genre and have co-directed the 2007 double-feature “Grindhouse”. In both films, Tarantino mixes his trademark dark humor, historical cinematic references, and idiosyncratic dialogue.

The Hobbit trilogy

If you haven’t watched the original movies in the series, you’ve missed out. Directed by Peter Jackson, The Hobbit is an epic adventure film about Bilbo Baggins attempting to take back his mountain home and gold from the dwarves. The film has a rating of 7.8/10 on IMDB and over 786K votes. The second film, The Desolation of Smaug, continues Bilbo’s quest to restore Erebor from Samsung and stop the evil forces from destroying the mountain. It has an IMDB rating of 7.8/10 and 626K votes.

The first Hobbit film, The Fellowship of the Ring, was released in December 2005. But in 2007, Jackson’s production company, New Line, sued Jackson and requested an audit. Though the lawsuit was filed by Jackson, the co-founders of New Line were irritated and he promised not to direct another movie for them. Eventually, the filmmakers dropped the lawsuit, but not before they had finished filming the second installment.

The Hobbit trilogy was originally meant to be two movies. When Peter Jackson came on the scene, he decided that the material would be too large for two movies. After all, he was taking material from Tolkien’s extended works. In the end, the movie ended up being three movies. It is worth watching in its entirety. If you love fantasy and a good mystery, this movie trilogy is the perfect choice for you.

The second movie in the series picks up where “The Desolation of Smaug” left off. The monster is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch and descends upon Laketown in a blitzkrieg of fire. The Dwarf contingency then hole up in the Lonely Mountain. Their paranoid leader, Thorin, is forced to lead this group.

Alfonso Cuaron’s epic

A must-see film of the year, Alfonso Cuaron’ Cleo tells the story of an indigenous girl living in the rural areas of Mexico. Its sweeping, epic vistas are framed with stunning long shots, and Cuaron, who grew up in Mexico City, often collaborates with the legendary Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki.

This film’s narrative is both beautiful and moving. The film focuses on a nanny in the 1970s, which highlights the societal hierarchies in 1970s Mexico. While nannies are typically seen as servants or maids, Cuaron’s film portrays a different sort of life: a surrogate mother who has no children. In “Roma,” a nanny’s role is largely characterized as a “housekeeper,” but this position can be easily blurred. The film does not criticize the family in any harsh way, however; Cuaron’s portrayal of Cleo is a triumph.

Despite its bleak subject matter and its depressing subject matter, “Roma” is an essential film. Cuaron’s acclaimed career as a director has landed him multiple Oscar nominations, including Best Director for “Roma.” His latest film is about a man’s memory, and is the perfect movie for that. This film is both emotional and intellectual.

Alfonso Cuaron’ saga continues in Roma. This personal black-and-white drama has been a long-time goal of his. Based on his childhood memories, Roma focuses on an indigenous maid, Cleo. Aparicio is based on Cuaron’s own nanny, Libo Rodriguez. While Gravity was a triumphant film for Cuaron, Roma shook audiences with its heartbreaking drama.

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