Where to Find Movies and Showtimes With Alexa

Where to Find Movies and Showtimes With Alexa

If you’re on the go and you want to find out where to find movies and showtimes, you’ve come to the right place. With the help of Alexa, you can ask Alexa about showtimes and movies. You can also ask Alexa questions like where to get movie tickets and where to find IMAX theaters. You can also ask Alexa about movie theaters like Marcus Theatres and Movie Tavern.


Amazon Prime users can now search for movie listings and theater times by using the Alexa voice assistant. This is a convenient way to see when new films are coming out. However, to access the full list of Alexa movies and showtimes, you will need a free account with Fandango. To access the app, open it in the upper left corner of your screen and then select Skills. In the skills menu, type “Alexa movies” or “Alexa showtimes” and then “Fandango.” Once you have done this, you can ask Alexa to open the Fandango app.

Movies and showtimes are just one of the new skills you can enable on Alexa. The assistant can also provide fun facts, trivia, and this day in history. To enable one of these skills, tap on the menu bar in the upper left corner of your screen and select Skills. After selecting Skills, type “movie” in the search bar. There are dozens of movie skills available – some specific to movies, some general. Try out a few to see which one matches your needs.

Movies can also be asked for with the help of Alexa. Using voice commands, you can ask Alexa to tell you about movie showtimes in different cities. You can even tell her the time and the movie if you’re not in the mood for a TV show. This is especially useful if you are planning on going to a theater. In addition, you can ask Alexa about the upcoming Super Bowl 50 or NFL.

Showcase Cinemas has a voice skill for Alexa. Using the skill, customers can listen to audiobooks, music, and movie titles. Customers can also purchase movie tickets through their Amazon Pay accounts. The skills work with Amazon Music and Audible libraries, and it is essential to connect your account to access these services. Showcase Cinemas has a limited offer: free tickets for the first 1,000 customers! Once you’ve enabled the skill, you can listen to your favorite music and movies.

Marcus Theatres

The company that operates Marcus Theatres has more than 90 locations nationwide and dozens of screens in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Its website features movies and showtimes for all of its locations, and you can find them by zip code, so you can see what’s playing near you. You can also look up movie showtimes and purchase tickets in advance. Listed below are the most recent Marcus Theatres movies and showtimes.

The chain is known for offering movie tickets for very affordable prices. It also offers special discounts for students and seniors. It also has great restaurants and lounges where you can have a delicious meal and drink before the movie. It also offers an ice cream shop. Whether you’re a fan of classics or recent releases, Marcus Theatres will provide you with the perfect movie-going experience. And don’t forget to bring your appetite – there are delicious appetizers, pizzas, and sandwiches available at the Marcus Theatres.

Located at 200 Hutchinson Ave. in Minneapolis, Marcus Theatres is part of the Crosswoods Cinema and Movie Tavern. You can get a 50 percent discount on the 2022 Ultimate Popcorn Tub if you visit the Marcus Theatres website on Tuesdays. The theater also offers great concession specials, like free popcorn for Magical Movie Rewards members and a variety of other concession items. A movie theater in Wisconsin is worth a trip.

Some of Marcus Theatres locations have a vaccination requirement for their shows. For two weeks, the company will offer two films twice a day for people with certain health issues. Those with these health concerns can check out the special deals that will save them a few bucks. During these days, these movies will be available for $3, which is an especially good deal if you have children. The discounted days will run through September 1, 2022.

Movie Tavern

If you’re a movie buff, you’ll love discovering new movie releases at this fine-dining cinema. Movies are paired with gourmet food and cocktails. It’s the ultimate date night or girls’ night out. Find the latest movies and showtimes at the Movie Tavern online. There are also plenty of local restaurants near this cinema that offer similar services. Read on to learn more. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

The Movie Tavern features multiple ordering options. From classic movie concessions to more sophisticated fare, the theater has it all. Customers can place orders at ticket kiosks in the lobby, in the Tavern bar space, or even via an app on their phone. There’s also a full menu with alcoholic beverages, which can be purchased by the moviegoer to go. If you’re looking for a unique movie experience, the Movie Tavern is definitely a must-see.

The Cinema at the Movie Tavern will feature a wide variety of movies. Those interested in classics should choose a cult film from the past, as well as contemporary movies. New releases will also be offered, as will retro themed films like “Friday the 13th.” You can even watch special sporting events and unique live broadcasts. Movie Tavern’s menu will also be updated regularly. Guests are encouraged to visit the Movie Tavern’s website before going out to see a movie.

You can find the latest movies at Movie Tavern, which is known for serving up gourmet food and cocktails. Movie Tavern has a full bar and a full menu, and their chefs prepare menu items inspired by the movies that are showing. Movie Tavern also offers a variety of other options for food and drinks, including snacks, appetizers, and alcoholic beverages. As a bonus, the restaurant is open seven days a week, so you can find movies whenever you want.

The company was founded in 2001 and currently has 24 locations across ten states. In April 2017, Denham Springs in Los Angeles will re-open and a new location in Little Rock, Arkansas is also in the works. Members of Movie Tavern can enjoy exclusive benefits, and you can even enjoy a complimentary breakfast and movie package. During your visit, be sure to sign up for the membership program for access to movie showtimes and menu.


If you’re looking for IMAX movies, you can’t go wrong with the Dark Knight. The film features six sequences, totaling 28 minutes, shot with IMAX cameras. It is the first major feature film shot partially in IMAX format. Director Christopher Nolan wanted to shoot the movie in IMAX format, and used it for quiet scenes, wishing that he had the time to shoot the entire film in the format.

A trip to an IMAX movie theatre will transport you into another world. The theater has a specialized screen that wraps around 180 degrees horizontally and 22 degrees vertically. These IMAX cinemas are designed to make every frame of a film appear more vivid and lifelike than ever before. You’ll feel like you’re on an alien planet! If you have never experienced one of these premium cinemas before, make sure to check their showtimes to find out which films are playing where.

The IMAX format was first introduced in 1971. Its popularity began to grow in the 2000s, and today, there are IMAX theatres all over the world. IMAX films are now available in 3D. You can even get your hands on 3D glasses to view the film. In addition to being more immersive and more lifelike, IMAX movies and showtimes are better than ever!

IMAX is an excellent option for movies. Movies that aren’t suited for regular theaters won’t look so great at IMAX. You can find IMAX movies and showtimes at IMAX theaters nationwide and watch movies in a way that is unimaginable in a traditional movie theater. And because you can choose the time and location, you’ll never miss a hit film!

The IMAX building has a concession stand. You can purchase gourmet popcorn, assorted candies, and bottled soft drinks from the concession stand. It opens 15 minutes before the start of the movie, and closes when the last queued guest has been served. For more information, visit the IMAX website. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the movie’s producer or distributor.

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