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If you love Will Smith, then you probably have a list of his best movies. Below we’ve listed some of his best movies, including Seven Pounds, Bad Boys, Enemy of the State, and Independence Day. Hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought. Have a great day! And happy watching! We hope you’ve enjoyed these movies as much as we have. If not, please share your list in the comments.

Seven Pounds

The title of the film Seven Pounds with Will Smith has been a source of controversy, but the director of “The Pursuit of Happyness” has explained what it means. A man named Ben Thomas, whose life has been ruined by debt, sets out to change the lives of seven strangers, including a beautiful woman named Emily. But he never expects to fall in love with the woman he saves. In the movie, life and death are explored in an affecting way, as well as the bonds between individuals.

Will Smith’s character Ben Thomas lives in a run-down fleabag hotel. His salary comes from the IRS, and his lifelong friend Dan owes him a favor. Ben follows his plan, which is obvious to him, but which he never explains to anyone else. The movie also features a touching and inspiring story of overcoming adversity. But “Seven Pounds with Will Smith” is a film that should not be missed.

The film has several flaws, but one is a genuine disappointment. While its melodrama elements are certainly overdone, it relies on a twist ending to keep viewers engaged. This film’s chemistry is also dirty, so there is no way it will ever win praises as a result of this film’s underlying message. So how do you find the best Will Smith movie? Here are some ways to find out.

Bad Boys

Miami-Dade detectives blow a fuse when they discover that $100 million worth of heroin has been stolen from the station’s headquarters. Internal Affairs gives them only five days to track down the drugs before they shut down the narcotics division. To do their jobs, the detectives must pretend to be partners to gain the trust of a key witness. But when the police are tipped off, they must do more than chase after the drugs.

Sony Pictures is still planning a “Bad Boys” sequel, despite Smith’s recent attack on Chris Rock at the Oscars. However, after Smith’s controversial speech, many were worried that the movie would be canceled or delayed. However, director Martin Lawrence is speaking out about a “Bad Boys” sequel, telling Ebony magazine that the movie is still in the works. He also says that Smith will be banned from the Academy for 10 years.

After the release of Bad Boys 2, director Michael Bay expressed an interest in making a third movie, but budgetary concerns kept it from moving forward. Various writers have worked on the script and multiple attempts have been made to get it made. However, after many delays, the film was finally greenlit in October 2018 and principal photography began in Atlanta, Miami, and Mexico City. The movie has a star studded cast, including Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Enemy of the State

In this Will Smith crime drama, a corrupt National Security Agency official assassinates a congressman in order to pass legislation authorizing surveillance. With the aid of an ex-intelligence agent, Dean is framed for the murder and convicted of the crime. However, his crime was actually a mistake, as it led to the murder of a former congressman. This story takes us through several twists and turns, but the plot is compelling and engrossing.

Enemy of the State was released on November 20, 1998. The movie stars Will Smith as Bobby Dean, a Washington lawyer who becomes embroiled in a political assassination. A former friend of Dean’s accidentally drops a disk into his Christmas package, which turns out to be evidence that the CIA murdered a congressman who was a vocal opponent of NSA surveillance plans. This evidence makes Dean a target for the NSA. Enemy of the State begins freezing his assets and sending pictures of Dean to his wife to prove he was involved in a murder.

“Enemy of the State” is a satire of the omnipotent surveillance state, and it reaches far beyond its genre. Though it aims to be an action movie, it tries to convey a message on the depth of our surveillance state and the damage it does to national security threats. It’s not a perfect movie, but it does show the extent of government intrusion into our privacy. It may even inspire young audiences to start a lively debate about this topic.

Independence Day

Independence Day is one of the most epic adventure films in recent memory, and this year’s sequel is no exception. Strange occurrences occur around the world and an unstoppable force arrives, its mission: to destroy the entire planet over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. An unlikely group of individuals must band together to survive this calamity, and the result is a film that will leave you breathless. Will Smith and company star as the unlikely heroes.

While Emmerich has been happy with the Independence Day movie, he thinks it could have been better if Smith hadn’t been involved in the production. Smith’s involvement was a significant part of the movie, and it would have been even better if he could have made another one. Regardless, Emmerich has plans for a third Independence Day movie, but there is no indication if the filmmakers would cast Smith again.

After the first film, Emmerich and Dean Devlin began a bidding war between Hollywood studios to cast Will Smith as the lead character in the upcoming sequel. This script resulted in a bidding war between 20th Century Fox and Roland Emmerich to cast Will Smith as Captain Steven Hiller. Despite the bidding war, the film was ultimately remade with just a few weeks to spare, despite the initial dismal reviews.


In “Hitch,” Will Smith plays a personal life coach named Alex “Hitch.” He mentors his bumbling client Albert, who hopes to win Allegra Cole’s heart. Both Hitch and Albert experience various romantic setbacks as they try to win Allegra’s heart. However, they also deal with a different set of obstacles – tabloid reporter Sara Melas. As Sara digs into Allegra’s love life, she uncovers that Albert has a connection to her. These two relationships are now in jeopardy.

In “Hitch,” Will Smith plays a “date doctor,” a man who works to help socially-awkward guys meet girls. While some may call such people manipulative, Hitch isn’t in any way malicious. He has no intention of harming a woman, and his mission is to help people get over their shyness and lack of confidence. While Hitch’s job isn’t to sabotage their chances of finding a partner, he does help them overcome their fear of rejection.

In a Hitchcock movie, a character’s feelings about love and attraction are explored, often through profane language and physical actions. Often, Hitch is forced to make a decision based on the whims of their hearts. Similarly, in a romantic movie, a character might be more willing to make a mistake if they don’t have a chance to be themselves. Hitch’s attempts to be himself aren’t entirely successful.

Hancock films

The scruffy superhero Hancock plays by Will Smith protects the citizens of Los Angeles with a heavy dose of cynicism and smugness. He’s as comfortable lying on a park bench and dozing than rescuing a damsel in distress. But when he meets a PR executive (Jason Bateman) and his wife (Charlize Theron), he realizes that he has a sensitive side after all.

The movie isn’t without its moments. Charlize Theron stars as Ray’s wife, a simple housewife who cares about Hancock. While she’s mostly harmless, her performance is so hammy that it feels like a sketch on Saturday Night Live. But once Hancock’s powers are revealed, the movie starts to turn dark. Hancock’s wife becomes the key to the answers to his questions.

The film’s script and direction owe their success to Will Smith, who starred alongside Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett. The film was also produced by Smith, who was not only a star, but also an Oscar-winning producer. Aside from Will Smith, the cast includes Harrison Ford, John Hurt, and Jim Broadbent. Despite the high-profile cast, Hancock is still one of the most acclaimed films of all time.

Suicide Squad

In this action-packed comedy, a U.S. intelligence officer teams up with a group of dangerous, incarcerated supervillains and equips them with government weapons. The team consists of Will Smith’s character, Deadshot, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, and Killer Croc. Together, these supervillains assemble as Task Force X and battle a mysterious entity. Meanwhile, the diabolical Joker launches his own agenda.

The film’s cast is filled with a diverse set of actors. The cast includes Michael Pena (End of Watch), Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Ben Affleck, and Jared Hernandez. The movie is Smith’s third time collaborating with Marvel, and he is one of the film’s producers. Jared Hernandez is best known for his role as Brian Chavez on Saturday Night Lights. In addition, he’s starred in films ranging from Crazy/Beautiful to Hostel.

Will Smith’s Deadshot is based on the villain Batman would most likely fight in the Batman universe, and he is a fan favorite from the comics. The character has perfect aim and little regard for human life. His motivation for killing is to be able to have a spectacular death. But his motivation is also haunted by the accidental death of his brother. In addition to Smith, Tom Hardy will play Rick Flag Jr., a member of the squad.

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