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If you’re looking for some movies with Will Smith, you’ve come to the right place. From King Richard to Enemy of the State, these movies have all impressed me. But which one is best for you? Keep reading to find out. And don’t forget to check out my new review of Focus. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It’s a great way to discover the next big Will Smith movie!

King Richard

In addition to the success of the series, Will Smith has been a major draw for moviegoers. His 1990s breakthrough led to movies like Independence Day, Men in Black, and Bad Boys. Despite his success in the 90s, box office numbers have dropped dramatically in recent years. Many Hollywood studios have turned to IP as the main reason to make a movie, and Smith isn’t appearing in films as often as he used to.

In King Richard, Will Smith plays a man who is dedicated to raising young Black girls. His character is flawed, but he is selfless in his commitment to his daughters. Though Richard is not likable, his actions are motivated by the importance of the Black women and his daughters. He is an interesting character, and the film does sell that idea. If you want to see King Richard, here are some details:

King Richard is a drama directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, and it stars Will Smith and Saniyya Sidney. It is rated PG-13 and has 144 minutes. King Richard will be available on HBO Max starting Nov. 19. This is a must-see for Smith fans! So don’t delay – catch it before it’s too late! You’ll be glad you did.

Enemy of the State

Will Smith stars as a corrupt National Security Agency official who has assassinated a congressman so that his surveillance legislation will be passed. In the wake of the assassination, the Congressman’s son, Robert Clayton Dean, is falsely accused of his murder and is framed for it. With the help of an ex-intelligence agent, Edward “Brill” Lyle, Dean tries to prove his innocence and put Reynolds off his trail.

Enemy of the State with Will Smith is a 1998 political action thriller directed by Tony Scott and written by David Marconi. The movie stars Will Smith, Jon Voight, Gene Hackman, Lisa Bonet, and Regina King. Enemy of the State is an exciting action movie that is sure to leave you wanting more. Its plot is as gripping as Smith’s character, and it’s a fast-paced, high-concept thriller.

Will Smith is terrific in this film. In his role as successful Washington D.C. lawyer Robert Clayton Dean, Will Smith and Gene Hackman make an impressive cast. When he receives a video that ties an NSA official to a political murder, Dean races against the clock to restore his normal life. However, he soon finds himself the target of NSA agents, who are bent on ruining his career and getting rid of him.

Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds with Will Smith begins with the titular character making a phone call to the 911 operator. The operator is asking the question, “Who is the victim?” The character then makes a decision based on a plan that is perfectly clear to him. It is not, however, clear to anyone else. The rest of the movie is a slow build-up to the climactic fight scene between Smith and the jellyfish.

“Seven Pounds” is a powerful and affecting film that has been praised for its sensitivity and sensitive handling of suicide. Will Smith plays Ben Thomas, a man burdened by a dark secret. His plan to make amends for his mistake is to transform the lives of seven strangers. But he soon finds himself falling in love with one of them – and this person changes him forever. Seven Pounds is both a mystery and a love story, examining themes of death, life, and the connections that connect us all.

“Seven Pounds” is a melodrama that has conflicting tones and arguably offensive themes, but it manages to reach a new level in its first few minutes. This movie’s HD picture quality is a major selling point. It’s also worth noting that the film was released on Blu-ray on March 31, 2009.


The latest movie starring Will Smith, “Focus,” was an unexpected pleasure. The comedy follows the life of a con man Nicky Spurgeon, who has a slew of victims under his guise. He teaches the girl, Jess Barrett, the tricks of the trade, but she ends up falling for him. What happens next is the stuff of Hollywood movies. In Focus, Will Smith plays a man who has a lot to lose, and his wife tries to keep him safe.

“Focus” follows a con artist who makes a mistake. The film is a sports-medical-social drama that also stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Alec Baldwin. Other stars include Luke Wilson and David Morse. Another actor, Eddie Marsan, plays an aspiring Brazilian actor named Rodrigo Santoro. The film also features Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Alec Baldwin, Bitsie Tulloch, and Adrian Martinez.

While Focus is a great movie, it’s worth mentioning that the new trailer for Suicide Squad shows some surprises. Will Smith and Margot Robbie play Harley Quinn and Deadshot in this DC comic-inspired action movie. Suicide Squad, which opens in February, is set to be the next big movie for Smith and Robbie. With this latest trailer, Warner Bros. has managed to get two major actors to join the newest Marvel film.


Alex “Hitch” Hitchens is a matchmaker who mentors bumbling client Albert, who is determined to win Allegra Cole’s heart. The pair face a number of romantic setbacks as they work to win Allegra’s heart. Hitch also has to contend with tabloid reporter Sara Melas, who is out for Allegra’s dirty laundry. As their relationship progresses, the two discover a connection between them, which threatens both of their love lives.

The movie’s plot is predictable, but the performances of its leading men are worth watching. Will Smith and Kevin James are likable, which helps the movie get mileage. Their two leads, Allegra (Valletta) and Sara (Eva Mendes), are good-looking and likable, while Eva Mendes gives her character a sweet but unrequited love. Overall, Hitch is a likable character, though he may lose his cool if he tries too hard.

In the 2005 romantic comedy Hitch, Will Smith plays a “date doctor” who teaches socially awkward men how to meet women. It is debatable whether or not these men are manipulative, or if they actually can help the men overcome their shyness and lack of confidence. However, in the film, Hitch’s advice is appreciated by both men and women. But in the end, there are a few unflinching moments that prove how much Hitch has matured over the years.


Will Smith plays Henry Brogan, a burned-out elite assassin, who turns in his retirement papers to the super-secret organization that sends a clone to kill him. Lee watched Smith’s past acting work and pointed out what he could do to make Brogan look older for this film. The result is a believable, albeit slightly off-kilter, Brogan.

While there aren’t many Will Smith movies that have him as Henry Brogan, the actor has a solid supporting cast. Gemini Man, directed by Ang Lee, is one such movie. Brogan is a highly skilled sniper who goes on the run from the shadowy GEMINI organization. The film also includes a younger Will Smith, who is cloned by the same machine. Although the plot of the movie is very similar to Brogan in the comic books, Gemini Man is different.

The plot revolves around an assassin who has been cloned by an unknown group affiliated with the Defense Intelligence Agency. The younger Brogan is 23 years old, while the older Brogan is 51. The two versions of Brogan have similar personalities, but they are not related. This is why Brogan senior is the more interesting character. If the clone is a terrorist, then Brogan senior will have to prove it.

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