What Are the Best Will Smith Movies?

What Are the Best Will Smith Movies?

If you’ve enjoyed his career, you know there are a number of good Will Smith movies. His career spans over four decades, and he’s won numerous awards. His most recent SAG Award for “King Richard” puts him on the Oscars’ shortlist. He’s also the odds-on favorite for the 2022 Oscar for “Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role,” so the questions is, what are the best Will Smith movies?

I Am Legend

I Am Legend is a 2007 American post-apocalyptic action thriller. It is loosely based on the novel by Richard Matheson and stars Will Smith as US Army virologist Robert Neville. The film takes place in New York City after a virus has turned most of humanity into ravenous mutants. Neville uses his scientific knowledge to find a cure for the disease. But he’ll need to find a way to protect his family and himself from these ravaging creatures.

Although the film follows the book pretty closely, it differs from the novel in several ways. While the novel uses bacteria, in I Am Legend the infection is caused by a genetically altered measles virus. This virus is named Krippin Virus after the doctor who first developed it. Smith’s character Neville has unexplained immunity to it, which makes him a perfect candidate to save his family.

The original film was directed by Francis Lawrence and received high praise for its intimacy in the blockbuster genre. It was a box-office hit, earning $585 million worldwide. The original movie ended with Will Smith’s character, a scientist trying to find a cure for a plague that’s destroying humanity and turning its survivors into monstrous creatures. But the sequel is not so different. Will Smith reunited with Martin Lawrence for the upcoming Bad Boys for Life movie.

The sequel to I Am Legend has been announced, and while details of it have yet to be confirmed, Smith is reportedly planning a third film. This could be his big comeback on the big screen. Smith has already won the Academy Award for Best Actor earlier this year. And he embarrassed himself by slapping Chris Rock at the ceremony. He has a good list of movies to watch in the future.

“K” is another movie that showcases Will Smith’s acting abilities. It is one of the most famous films by Will Smith. The movie is based on a true story about David Hampton, a man who fooled people into believing he was the son of famous actor Sidney Poitier. The film was a huge hit, and Fred Schepisi’s direction is credited with its success. Despite a few flaws, the movie is a solid effort that will keep you entertained for many years to come.


How many Will Smith movies include Hancock? and how many do you think are better? The film is filled with laughs, but Smith avoids playing Hancock as a wacky goofball. Instead, he shapes the character as a serious, thoughtful, and depressed guy. And he does so without ever showing a sign of goofiness. Hancock’s ultimate power? He has been to the moon and could live off the welfare of his admirers or scrap metal.

The film’s budget is estimated at $80 million. The original screenplay was by Vy Vincent Ngo, but Vince Gilligan is credited with the rewrite. Smith plays the hapless sleuth who tries to save the world from destruction. The script also stars Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett, with Jim Broadbent and John Hurt winning two Oscars. There are several other notable cameos throughout the film, including an uncredited cameo by Michael Mann and Akiva Goldsman. The film also features Nancy Grace, as a TV show host, and Daeg Faerch as a neighborhood bully.

Will Smith’s performance in the movie is surprisingly good. Hancock saves the life of an idealistic marketing executive, Ray, and comes up with a plan to reinvent Hancock as a crimefighter. The movie also makes Hancock reveal his Mysterious Past and the reasons behind his bad behavior. Ray’s wife Mary is suspicious of Hancock and Ray’s wife Mary, who is suspicious of any superpowered drunk.

The movie’s premise is that of a suicidal town. Hancock has the power to use his powers to mutilate or humiliate people. In this case, his powers have the power to cause elemental catastrophe. In the movie, the two characters get their powers back after the criminals attack them. In the second half of the film, Hancock and Mary fight against a trio of small-time crooks.

Hancock is one of the most controversial Will Smith movies. Its original screenplay was so brutal that it was compared to Leaving Las Vegas. However, its dark tone makes the film even more bleak than it already was. It is also one of the few Will Smith movies that will survive the ages. It’s not the best film by far, but it’s still worth watching. This film isn’t perfect, but it’s a good start for fans of Will Smith.


If you haven’t seen any of Ali Will Smith movies yet, you’re in for a treat. Smith portrayed Muhammad Ali from 1964 to 1974. Before his fame, he had won the world heavyweight championship as Cassius Clay. But he also ruffled some feathers by shockingly converting to Islam. His film “Ali” is one of the best-selling biopics of all time and has earned Smith two Academy Award nominations.

It’s no wonder he’s at the top of the Ali Will Smith movies list. Aside from the Oscar-nominated film “The Interview,” Smith has also starred in movies such as the acclaimed action thriller The Revenant, which earned him a second Best Actor nomination. In this film, Smith plays Chris Gardner, a homeless man who rises from homelessness and raises his young son, Jaden. Will Smith has a son named Jaden, and you can tell he cares deeply for the boy.

Since his first feature film, “King Richard,” Smith has continued to do challenging dramatic roles. He is also currently starring in the biopic King Richard, which has garnered Oscar nominations for both Best Picture and Best Actor. With the nomination for King Richard, Smith has spent the awards season playing the role of the one to beat. With a few more nominations on the way, he could take the Academy Award for Best Actor.

“I Am Legend” is another memorable film that starred Smith. This post-apocalyptic action thriller follows Robert, the last man on Earth, as he tries to find a cure for the vampiric disease that’s decimated humanity. And this film is just as absorbing and entertaining as it is compelling. A must-see for any Smith fan! The best way to find out more about Ali Will Smith movies is to watch the trailers and see what you think.

If you are a fan of Will Smith, you’ll love “The Witch.” Written by the writer of “Training Day,” this fantasy film stars Smith in a pivotal role. But the movie’s plot doesn’t lend Smith a memorable role and the makeup of Joel Edgerton doesn’t help either. And if you’re a fan of sci-fi, you’ll probably love “Ali” alongside Margot Robbie.

Enemy of the State

What other Will Smith movies have you seen? If you’re a fan of his work, you’ll probably enjoy Enemy of the State, a 1998 political action thriller directed by Tony Scott. This movie focuses on corruption and abuse of surveillance technology by the United States government. It grossed over $250 million at the box office. Will Smith plays lawyer Dean, who finds video evidence linking the NSA to the murder of a congressman.

If you liked Enemy of the State, you’ll likely enjoy this sequel as much as the first. The plot is similar to the first film, but it’s much more sophisticated and has new twists. Will Smith is in top form once again. The film is highly entertaining, and will keep you entertained throughout. But beware: it’s not for everyone. Enemy of the State is a highly complex thriller that could make you feel uneasy at times.

Another Will Smith movie you should watch is Men in Black. This sci-fi action movie starred Will Smith and Jennifer Lawrence. It features bloody shoot-outs, over-the-top car chases, and comedic hijinks. It was one of the first major blockbuster films directed by Michael Bay, and it was the first film produced by super producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer.

The Notebook is another great movie that stars Will Smith. The plot revolves around a man who loses everything but refuses to give up. He plays this role brilliantly, and the film’s ending is ambiguous and confusing, and Will Smith’s performance is a triumph. Unlike his recent movies, the film is a classic. There’s no other way to see Will Smith in a bad film.

The movie is based on the novel “Enemy of the State” by Anthony Lewis, and is a fictional account of an innocent bystander in the Kenneth Starr investigation. The movie’s plot is hokey and preys on our fears and mistrust. While this movie is entertaining and enjoyable, it does a poor job of telling the story. However, if you want to see Will Smith in action, you’ll probably enjoy it.

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